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Licensed Home Inspector in North and South Carolina.

We are an Elite Home Inspection Company that provides an unmatched inspection experience. Included in every inspection is a Termite Inspection, Recall Check on major appliances and a 90 Day Warranty.

We Notice the Little Things

We are here to be your eyes, and we strive to perform the best inspection that we can for our clients. We go above and beyond the states Standard Operating Procedures

Be Confident In Your Property Transaction

You can feel secure in your purchase. A Buyers Choice Home Inspection will provide a very detailed easy to understand report. The report will outline and detail all areas of concern that may require repairs. 

About Us

BCHIS Elite Home Inspection

Our Elite Home Inspection includes a Termite Inspection, a Recall Check on major appliances and a 90 Day Warranty. That is over a $200 Dollar Value. With this we inspect the Roofing, Exterior, Site and Grading, Foundations, Interior, Kitchen and built in Appliances, Heating, Cooling, Electrical, Plumbing. 

Flooring Inspections

We are certified through IFCI for floor inspections and approved by the worlds leading  floor manufacturers to perform flooring inspections. We offer inspection of damaged floor as well as consultations before installation.

Radon Inspections

We perform radon monitoring and testing using electronic testing devices that are calibrated to detect radon levels. These units record radon levels every hour for the duration of the test. These tests take a minimum of 48 hours.

About Us

Advanced Training

I go beyond the 12 hours of training required for home inspectors every year, and I am continuously involved in becoming more knowledgeable and acquiring advanced training.

Affiliations / Volunteer

I am a member of the North Carolina Licensed Home Inspector Association as well as a member of Inspector Nation

Master Mason Since 2000

Oasis Shriner Since 2001

Volunteer at Lake Wylie Children's Charities  since 2013

Other Offerings


Well Functionality Inspections

Water Testing for Lead / Nitrates / Bacteria

Irrigation Systems

Dock Inspections

Lead Testing

About Us

My Background

I was a hands on floor installer, as well as sanding and refinishing of hardwoods. I progressed into remodeling which lead me into becoming a builder. After being a builder I made my way into Customer Care / Warranty, and was in charge of Quality Control of new homes. This is what lead me into Home Inspections. 

I know that I am truly blessed because I can say everyday that I love what I do. 


Discounts to Fire, Police, First Responders, and our Military. 

Before You Decide

Please ask yourself before you decide on a home inspector. Do you want a person that came into this field later in life from an IT job or a sales position, or do you want someone that has actual hands on experience and a builders knowledge of how components work and age?

Please consider Buyers Choice Home Inspection before your next purchase

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